Karen Chang

Founder & CDO

Category : 团队
It is dedicated to the research and practice of space design, with a focus on the establishment of East-West integration in space experience system, and an effort to create an "organic space" featuring sustained dynamics.
Through professional experience from cooperation with various international teams, it is able to balance a fine relationship between human and space, utilize spatial proportions, introduce innovative materials, make breakthroughs in lifestyle restrictions, follow space trend for contemporary business, and vision the demand and potential of sustainable space.
CAC DESIGN GROUP has delivered various high-profile cases like The Puli Hotel in Shanghai and Savoir Resort, etc. It has woniF DESIGN AWARD, A’DESIGN AWARD, GERMAN DESIGN AWARD which has been existed for over 60 years, Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards (APIDA) ,Canada-based GRANDS PRIX DU, and the Best 50 Designers of the Year, the Outstanding Interior Designer and other international design awards.