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CAC DESIGN GROUP was founded in 1999. It is a progressive creative design company that The range of services includes architecture and interior design, providing comprehensive business development and lifestyle service solutions.


CAC Design Group was established in Taipei, China in 1999. In response to the development of international market, the Group set its headquarter in Shanghai in 2006. Currently, the elite design team of CAC Design Group has more than 100 members, who are respectively stationed at the branches in Singapore, Taichung and Hsinchu.
CAC Design Group’s business covers a wide range of specialties and areas, including hotel, office, model house, sales center, clubhouse,  villa and furniture design. 
CAC team has been awarded with  iF DESIGN AWARD, A’DESIGN AWARDAPDC, APIDA, GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN (a famous North American design award), Golden Bund Award and Real Estate Design China Award, IDEA-TOPS and many other international design awards. It has been voted as one ofTOP100 PChouse Works and TOP100 Boya China Brands. The new design work–Savoir Resort–was crowned as the most popular architectural design in China by the industry professional media Goooodin 2017.






Karen Chang

Founder & CDO

Yunkai Chang

Taiwan Executive Design Director

Lu Liu

GM Special Assistant & Design Director

Thomas Lu

Chairman Special Assistant & CBO

Xianming Zhuang

Singapore Executive Director




BEconcept is an international trading company that operates global luxury homes. It is committed to bringing top design brands to China and promoting Chinese design concepts to influence the world. Since its inception, BEconcept has established one of the largest aggregated home showrooms in the Yangtze River Delta region in Shanghai and continues to expand its business presence in Asian cities such as Hong Kong.


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In 2007, CAC established its subsidiary CAC Square Pinna Design in Hsinchu, Taiwan. With modern and simple design style, CAC meets the high-end elite's pursuit of life details and quality of life. In addition to providing a professional architectural foundation, it also offers soft furnishings, furniture, lighting systems and industrial design and total intelligent system solutions. “Design is an ideal life for figurative.”
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The city of Taichung, like the lively sample of contemporary architecture, always presents a new form of architectural design and is one of the most active areas for boutique developers. The Kana Design Branch, rooted in the “Hometown of Architecture” in Taichung, Taiwan, is based on the diversified rhythm of the city, contemporary humanistic thoughts, and forward-looking design perspectives and concepts to create a dialogue and dialogue with urban temperament, habitat space.
Professional architectural background senior design team, starting from the relationship between people and space, reconstructs the interior pattern with the overall architectural thinking. The more pure functional zoning not only satisfies people's need for spatial functions, but also makes the relationship between people more harmonious because of the ideal scale.


Decoration design

With an artistic vision, sublimation space temperament.

Interior design

Starting from the relationship between people and space, the interior structure is reconstructed with the overall architectural thinking.

Decorative art

Integrate aesthetic experience and personal experience, and constantly present the details of perfect space.


Seeking harmony between architecture and nature, between people and space, making architecture a poetic dwelling of the earth.

Design consultation

The ideal architecture must be fully integrated with the external environment and interact intimately with the interior.